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OPINION| See what the Chinese are doing in Zimbabwe

My father taught me that it is ok to partner with people from other villages if they are bringing what we do not have. This is what the Chinese are doing in Mutawatawa in Chipfunde area, the community is not benefiting anything from this plunder the environment is being butchered mercilessly. There are no decent roads or schools or clinics in this area, what is the point of allowing this type of plunder when it brings nothing to the community except bribes for politicians, would the Chinese allow this kind of plunder by Africans in their own country?

What is wrong with us, is our Government telling us that it is FAILED to come up with a better plan that will benefit us as Zimbabweans, what will we say to our grandkids about this, do we wonder why our people are poor and why our country has become a laughing stock in the region and the world. Is this what being an educated nation looks like, why are we not ashamed this is so depressing

When Malema stands for his own people so they can prioritized by the employment structures people goes around devilish him, yet we got our own Government who prioritize themselves and call Chinese gangsters investors we need new leaders who understand the ethic of how people benefit from the country's resources, and uplift communities. I still remember when I was young we used to go to the forest to look for big and strong trees cut them down, without anyone asking you similarly these Chinese take Zimbabwe as a bush where they just come and take whatever they want without anyone bothering them, and they just dump crap stuff that doesn't last even 12hrs and we still clap hands for them, for destroying other people's countries its like adding salt on the wound

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