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“Gone Too Soon”: Mom Asks Son for ID Number, Mzansi Responds with Flames

South Africans are unable to rest as they consider the story of a young man whose mother has only requested for his identification number.

A photo of Rosemary Ndlovu was included in Tumelo's humorous tweet, which included a reference to the woman who is accused of hiring a hitman to kill her brothers.

Some residents joke that the young man should receive a large settlement from his mother's fortune, while others believe it is time for him to meet his ancestors.

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Several of his followers have sent a warning to a local man who claims his mother has recently requested for his identification number.

The young youngster is receiving amusing replies, and some people have even sent their well-wishes for his future rest in peace ahead of time.

South African social media users claim that they are issuing the warning in response to the ongoing investigation into the death of a former police officer, Rosemary Ndlovu.

Ndlovu is currently facing accusations stemming from allegations that she hired a hitman to kill her siblings in exchange for a payoff from an insurance policy.

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During his most recent tweet, Tumelo included a photo of Ndlovu, implying that the latter may be in trouble.

Briefly News takes a look at some of the more amusing reactions.

He penned the following: "My mother has simply inquired as to my identification number... A ba fele...", says Rosemary.

A local mother asks her son for his identification number.

Mzansi has responded, With the help of flames South Africans are reacting to a humorous post by Tumelo on his Facebook page.

Image courtesy of @Tummy Tumy /Twitter Twitter is the source of this information.

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In addition, my mother inquired about my identification, izolo.

When I saw the text message on WhatsApp pop up, I disregarded it for several hours.

When I returned to SMS her my ID, she informed me that she had already obtained it from my father. "

@Labrusc6693 had the following to say: "He was such a wonderful guy, he never said anything like that to anyone, he was extremely polite and courteous, he died at such a young age, it was a pity."


God, on the other hand, loved him more."

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BonganiEddie had this to say: "I hope you're obtaining a majority stake in the estate yakhe; if so, I'll marry you mntase," says the other.

@Spookiloo had something to say: "How come your mother isn't aware of your ID?

Ideally, it should be close to the mattress mos."

@SebataKt had the following to say: "Ohh ohk, we're pushing the clock now, no I see now, I was horrified ukuthi eeh, what happened between a youngster and his or her parents, will this continue?"

The Rosemary's crew has arrived, and they are not going anywhere.

Everyone must submit their information."

@BossRuuRurphus had something to say: "O dumedise Michael Jackson and 2Pac," says the narrator.

Please tell them how much we miss them.

We were looking forward to witnessing more of your comedic antics in the future. "

Psalm 21," says the author. "

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Similarly, in a piece on mothers, Briefly News said that Lindokuhle is proud of his mother and decided to share a voicemail message from her with the world.

His mother may be heard complimenting her kid on his appearance.

The young man, according to his mother, is also well-dressed, which demonstrates that he knows how to treat himself with his hard-earned money.

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In the same audio tape, the proud mother also inquires as to whether or not the well-dressed gentleman is at work.

Lindokuhle, in a viral Twitter message, expresses his gratitude for the support and claims that his mother understands how to get him pumped up.

He, on the other hand, does not appear to be impressed with the point about the money.

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