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Opinion - We are visitors in own bodies.

We are visitors in own bodies

There is a general view that as black people we need to create something similar to Afriforum that will hold the "incompetent" government accountable, and "represent" us in courts and other places.

I have a different opinion: let blacks start thinking like people with numerical advantage and political power.

At the moment they are not, hence they look up to vigilant groups created by minorities from Outa and Daily Maverick to Afriforum and others.

Blacks wherever they are need to wake up and work toward improving their plight and conditions through institutions and processes that favour them.

Liberal approaches of seeing government as a problem are misleading. We simply need to swell ranks displace minorities in all areas.

Thinking like Afriforum is defeatist and full of shortsightedness... Mental shift is a solution rather than following kortbroekies.

The problem at this hour is that we are still sleeping in bed and have not started thinking as both numeric and cultural majority which can use political, social, economic power to topple oppressive systems.

Our minds are conditioned as a minority, hence we want to impress others and or assimilate into structures created by others.

Lastly The weakest points of black people are accepting bribery.

We are in this point because our black members of parliament accept bribery from Policy Askaris.

We complain one way because those blacks with power to challenge wrong things are beneficial of those wrong things.

We are visitors in own bodies!

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