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Police Officer In Trouble After He Forcefully Raped His Friends Wife.

Thika police officers are currently detaining a government of Kenya prison guard assigned to Thika prison for reportedly indulging in sexual activity with a 21-year-old stranded woman last week after pretending to accommodate her in his home.

On the night of October 4th, 2021, a prison officer by the name of Amos Momanyi is reported to have forcibly engaged in the act with a mother of one after he pretended to entertain her at his home. The man is claimed to have acted cordial toward the woman, who was looking for her husband, who also works as a GK jail guard at the same location.

The mother is alleged to have arrived at the location about 10:00 p.m., looking for her husband, who had failed to provide for their 4-year-old boy. She tried multiple times to find him but was unsuccessful. Seeing her distress, Amos Momanyi offered to shelter her for the night because it was late. She easily believed the man because they were both from the same tribe and region.

After extending his home to the woman, Amos, on the other hand, elected to spend the majority of the night in the guard's chamber. Amos awoke in the middle of the night and proceeded to his residence, where he approached the woman and forcibly removed her clothes before piercing her. Amos is claimed to have threatened the woman if she chose to raise an alert, making his job that much easier.

The next day, the woman awoke as if nothing had happened, and she went to the jail authorities to look for her husband, but she was unable to locate him. Throughout her search, however, the woman did not report anything to the prison authorities. She was taken to the Thika Police Station to report her missing husband, and it was there that she revealed the night occurrence.

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