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CPF Is Outperforming SAPS In Mdantsane

The crime is very high in most of the south african townships and rural communities and the police are having difficult times in dealing with the number of crime reports they receive on a daily basis.Crime is one factor that needs the people and the police to work together if they were the battle against it.Many communities have launched the community police forums long ago,these group of community members would voluntarily go around the community at night to make sure that everyone is safe,they search the suspicious persons walking in the street late at night,this patrols by the selfless community members has benefitted the various communities,at the same time,these dedicated members are somehow being targeted criminals who are roaming around the streets at night.The community police forums in Mdantsane is doing a great job in terms of rooting out crime in their community,the community police forum has confiscated a huge number of a very dangerous weapons carried by the local criminals,the knives,many sharp objects and the forged firearms are among the things the CPF has confiscated.The relationship between the police and the community police forum seem to have deteriorated and non harmonious,the Community Police Forum members claims that the police are somehow not helping them but targetting them as many of them once been arrested for carrying out their duties.It is not surprising that the CPF is being victimized,many south Africans have complained about how the police are handling the the societal issues.The criminals seem to enjoy more rights than the community members,that is why they're so brave to commit the robberies during the broad daylight.People don't care anymore about each other,they don't want to get themselves into trouble when trying to help the fellow innocent south africans who are being attacked by the criminals because it is not guaranteed that these criminals will spend a long time in jail.

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