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Road Accident

Freeway gets closed down after this horrific incident happened

On Sunday the 3rd of October 2021, one of the major roads of South Africa got closed down. Motorist s endure the torrid afternoon as they were made to queue for long hours before they could be allowed passage.

Local authority were extremely busy carrying out their investigations and assisting on clearing up the scene after the horrific collision took place. This happened at the time when the clouds were heavily laden with rain and one of the vehicles which had been involved in the collision caught fire.

Fire brigade personnel had to be thanked for their relentless efforts which led to the flames eventually getting dosed off. If the fire had gone uncontrolled, it would have possibly easily consumed the vehicles that had been involved in the collision.

In a report which was published by South African Trucker, it was stated that traffic was brought to a standstill on the N11. This was because of a truck which has overturned at the Majuba Pass and later on caught fire. Motorists could not pass through as their vehicles could also catch the fire.

This did not end there as on the same screen, a secondary accident took place. According to reports, it was said another truck driver who was speeding made an attempt to avoid crashing onto the truck which was on fire. He ended up jackknifing and things did not look good for him.

It is not yet known to this publication if the two drivers of the trucks which were involved in the collision came out without injuries. A report from South African Trucker could not clarify their condition. What is however certain is the fact that there were no fatalities in this accident.

Images which were shown online showed the road completely closed down by the two trucks blocking the passage of vehicles. Vehicles could be seen queuing up on the scene.

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