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Watch : Hijackers Left In The Dust After The Victim Swerved & Sped Off


The video footage shows an incident where the suspect is trying to hijack a victim driving an Audi but it seems like they didn’t succeed because they were left to watch the victim drive away completely, this is one of the incidences which completely failed but there are many other incidences which happened in the country and right now we do not know exactly how these events are going to the stop because people are frankly tired of them.

The amount of crime that is happening in the country is alarming and people are living in fear because of most of the things which are happening in the country especially the crime is one of the things which ordinary people have to spend a lot of money on, this is done by the members of the public to ensure their safety.

Fortunately, enough this incident was captured on camera we don’t usually see a lot of hijackings on camera but this time around we’re fortunate enough to see how the perpetrators of crimes operate, and now we can tell which method they use and what we can do as ordinary members of the public who want to ensure our safety in order to get out of this situation.

We can see that the victim successfully outmanoeuvred the suspects, we can see through the video that the victim realized long back before the suspects decided to stop their vehicle to block the path however the victim quickly outmanoeuvred them - we saw him turn right and then get out of the situation.

It seems like the victim realized early on that the suspects were stopping their vehicle for nothing and it didn’t make sense and that is why he decided to get out of the situation, because he quickly realized that it was a hijacking incident.

The good thing which gave the victim enough time to get out of the situation is that he was keeping his distance, so there was a distance between him and the suspects and that is why he was able to get out of the situation unharmed and there was another vehicle behind him so it is unclear at the moment if they were working together with the suspects who were driving a BMW.

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