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Thugs attacked me, stole all my property, raped & Infected me with HIV -woman painfully narrates

An HIV-infected woman recounts how thugs attacked her, robbed her of her belongings, raped her, and infected her with their disease.

Mother-of-four Veronica Waithera describes how armed robbers wrecked her life and killed her only son, who had been supporting her. It was Veronica's decision to divorce her spouse. Four children are in Veronica's family; she has three daughters and a son.

There are no visits from any of Veronica's three married daughters. He tried to stop them from sexually assaulting his mother and was shot dead by the armed robbers who assaulted them.

When her daughters are not willing to assist her, her life gets more challenging. In order to support herself, she works physical labor jobs. She was eventually subjected to a second assault by masked bandits, during which she was raped, the woman was infected with HIV, and her valuables were stolen. Veronica claims that she fled her house and now lives on the street, where she begs, because she is afraid that she would be raped by armed robbers once again.

She pleads with well-wishers to her help so she can buy medicine for her disease and wishes someone would help her with a shelter as well, since her daughters have asked her to go to the motherless babies' home for shelter.



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HIV-infected Veronica Waithera


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