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Look what Malema was pouring into the Grave of Hilary Gardee in a video that went viral

Julian Malema, the EFF's chief executive officer, said that the people who killed Hillary Gardee were not impoverished in any way.

Dressed in suits, they refer to themselves as gentlemen. Nyaope is not an addiction for them." Malema addressed the mourners assembled in Mbombela to pay their respects to the late leader, saying, "They have mansions in Nelspruit, and some of them have political experience."

Deputy EFF leader Floyd Shivambu and EFF leader Julius Malema attend the funeral of Hillary Gardee on May 7th, 2022 in Mbombela, South Africa.

On Tuesday, four days after she was last seen alive, her body was found. The 28-year-old daughter of Godrich Gardee was shot in the head. Previously, Gardee was the EFF's leader.

In a video tribute aired at the funeral, Attorney Gardee portrayed his daughter as the next victim of thieves who kidnap people off the street and force them to pay money online to get them back.

When Malema spoke at Hillary's funeral, he expressed his concern for the safety of his children following the death of their mother. As a community, "we're all on edge, and we're all wondering if our children will be the next to be attacked." In the end, why can't the rest of us be afraid if politicians can do it?

Mothers and fathers, especially men, should love their children unreservedly, Malema said. Those who lack a close relationship with their fathers are more prone to engage in criminal activity, says this expert, who has studied the issue extensively.

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Because they're the bad ones, "hug your lads, even the ones that you've given up on," he said.

The killers of Hillary were described by the author as "creatures" who "weren't liked." Someone who cared about Hillary would never stab her in such a heinous manner. "This is a means of self-inflicting pain."

According to the EFF's leader, it was a huge relief when Mr. Gardee agreed to look after Hillary's three-year-old daughter like his own granddaughter.

Hillary's daughter needs to find the best love she can find and never allow herself believe that no one wants her or that she is to blame for what happened," Malema said.

This is who asked police minister Bheki Cele to ensure that the most qualified investigators were used to ensure that Gardee's alleged killers were not freed on bail, even though the 39-year-old murder suspect who was arrested on Friday in connection with the murder was planning to marry on Saturday.

Malema, congratulating Mpumalanga Police Commissioner Lt. Gen. Semakaleng Manmela for making an arrest and expressing thanks, added that they should be tried in jail.

There is "solid authority that everyone will be detained shortly," Malema said. It is possible that additional arrests will be made on Friday night, according to Manamela. Investigators haven't ruled out the possibility of apprehending additional individuals, according to a spokeswoman.

Julius Malema may be seen in this video digging a grave for Hillary Gardee with a spade. Attending a funeral, most guys behave in this manner. Julius Malema's humility is shown by the fact that he was affected by Hilary's death.


Malema tells the mourners at Hillary Gardee's burial that "these killers wear suits" (

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