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'This Is What Police Found When They Arrested 3 Zimbabwean Robbery Suspects

Information received by Johnnesburg Metro Police Department K9 officers on suspects impersonating police driving a blue KIA Picanto led to the arrest of 3 Orlando men linked to an armed robbery as in the case of Mondeor, The used vehicle was shown to have fake registration plates.

 It is clear that the suspects have started using it for their usual activity as they own the car, it is believed that there are many individuals who have lived like driving stolen cars for many years who have never been caught by the police.

 The suspects are detained by the Orlando South Africa police service until they are examined to determine if they have not been involved in other crimes committed or the car was not involved in committing another crime while the suspect has it in their possession. possession.

 Police are urging more members of the public to be able to have information about the location of suspects involved in Criminal activities, to keep this information up to use to bring down the perpetrators of the crimes.

 These hijacking suspects are even more dangerous and they always target their victims with weapons and promise to kill them that experience is something you don’t want in your worst enemy because it leaves you with it. traumatized, you can’t be sure if you’ll be shot and killed or you’ll be left alone by the suspects after the robbery.

 The suspects go around thinking that the law they can beat the law is actually embarrassing and in part, this is why law enforcers have to be strict when dealing with perpetrators.

 The suspects will be taken for their court hearings so that they can answer for the offenses committed against ordinary citizens of the country, and so that they can be paid for the number of years they have spent in prison.

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