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5 Hottest Countries In The World | N0 1 Has Record A Temp Of (116 ˚F)

Africa is actually one of the world's hottest continents. In Africa, there are so many hot countries. Nigeria, Africa's most populous country with up to 155 million inhabitants, generates a lot of heat from the sun on a daily basis. The northern section of the country can generate a large amount of heat, which can be used to generate a large amount of energy for the country. It's worth noting that the warmest country varies from year to year. This is related to changes in weather and climate.

Africa is the only continent that never freezes, which is fascinating because we complain about how it never snows here, yet the only spot it ever freezes is on a Kenyan hilltop. So, to put an end to the speculation, here are Africa's top 5 warmest countries.


This country is rated as one of the warmest in North Africa. Sudan is a hot and dry desert country with an average temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. As a result of rising temperatures, a country's desertification is a major problem. Wadi Halfa in Sudan is one of the hottest cities in the country, with a lot of terrible dust and storms. Sudan has been hit by famine, resulting in a food shortage across the country. Sudan, like the rest of the world, has no rain.

4. Somalia.

This is a country with a reputation for little rain throughout the year. The average temperature in Somalia is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and the country has been ravaged by drought and famine. Because it is impossible to grow food on Somalia's soil, its people are starving to death. Starvation, drought, and famine are all exacerbated by a lack of irrigation.

3. Mali

Timbuktu has long been regarded as one of the world's hottest cities, and the Sahara Desert is steadily encroaching on it. Timbuktu was once touted as a busy study center with one of the world's biggest collections of ancient manuscripts. Timbuktu's temperature has been reported at 130 degrees Fahrenheit, giving the city its essence and causing it to be regularly buried in the sand.

2. Botswana

The climate of Botswana is classified as semi-arid. The country's summer days are hot, especially in the weeks leading up to the arrival of the cooling vanes. As a result, the temperature in the shade can reach 38 degrees Celsius, with temperatures as high as 44 degrees Celsius on rare occasions. It should be mentioned that, due to the quantity of sunshine, the temperature in that area is exceptionally hot from November to March.

1. Ethiopia

Dallol has the highest annual average temperature in the world. According to records, there has never been a breakdown heat anyplace in Dallol.

As a result of the excessive heat, the community of Dalol has become a ghost town. In the 1960s, the area was renowned as a mining village. The heat comes from a different direction because the area is volcanically active.

The dry hamlet is surrounded by the scorching Danakil Desert, which adds to Dallol's oppressive heat.

The average annual high temperature is 105 degrees Fahrenheit, although it can hit 116 degrees Fahrenheit in June.

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