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Why She's pretending to be crazy.

It is heart breaking to see many of stories of family members who are killing each other because of money, the story of Rosemary is unbelievable by the court she's acting like someone with mental problems.

The courts finds it hard to believe the story of this woman they are definitely asking questions why this woman would choose to register 6 members on policies and again and claim the policies before they die.

She responded by saying that she claimed the policies becouse they were unemployed and if they died before she was able to claim the financial burden would have been on her.rosemary is now considered to be the millionaire becouse of all the payouts that she Was able to receive from all the payouts policies.

She seems to be fearless in court and incontrol this might be because of the money she benefited from the policies that she feels that she deserves.

It looks like she's confident that she will win the case as she will be using the money that she was able to get from the policies that paid her out.

This case of Rosemary surely created a negative environment in the family and it might also create some trust issues in the family as she's now considered to be the killer in the family.


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