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OPINION| The War Between the Taxis and Uber Including Other Operators is so Dangerous

The war between the taxis and Uber including other operators is so dangerous. Some people are getting beaten up, cars seized to be released at some ridiculous amounts. While all this happens, the passengers are harrassed by these thugs who have become the law unto themselves. This has been reported to the minister of transport who doesn't care a hoot since the entire government is controlled by the taxi industry . There are police including politicians who own taxis

This nonsense does not end there, ordinary motorists are being stopped by these thugs and questioned if they have passengers, and also their cars get confiscated by them. In some instances other motorists respond with the same kind of violence when threatenedWow, to a land where goons just do not understand what the freedom of choice means. This is a serious matter and exposes so many citizens to such a risk, SA is the land of criminals right from the politicians down to the ordinary

Friends, we are waiting for you all to protest uber's injustices on September 28, 2021 at 1:00 in front of uber green light pill at 15 st Botolp st.EC3A7BB Address. Uber's low prices, unnecessary and unfair dismissals, customer behavior towards drivers. Please do not stay silent and join us to protest high commission and unfair price practices. Now it's time to raise our voices for these injustices of uber, we are planning a very large and comprehensive organization. It will be a nice fun legal action with food and drink accompanied by drums, please invite all your friends who are dealing with this business whether they are members of a union or not, let our voice be heard for everyone to know, Be there for yourselves, for the sustenance of your family and make your voice heard

This thing of taxi drivers not allowing Uber drivers to access malls is very very, they think the own commuters, people have lots of good to take home after shopping, the private taxi leaves u at the gate n the public taxi leave you where they want, we should be able to exercise our rights to freedom of choice. They dont own commuters but their taxis and drivers

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