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Meet Vujicic The Man Who Almost Committed Suicide But Became A Global Face, See What Happened

Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of overcoming the challenges that life presents to them. Nicholas James Vujicic, on the other hand, not only overcame the adversity life dealt him, but he has also used what was once a hindrance to inspire others. Australian-born and raised in the US, the evangelist and motivational speaker is 38 years old. The situation was not always this dire for Nick Vujicic, however.

Nicholas Vujicic was born in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia, to Croatian parents. Nick, on the other hand, was born with no arms or legs, a condition known as Tetra-amelia syndrome in medical circles. Nick's father reportedly fainted when he saw his son's condition, according to reports. In addition to his father, his mother was astounded and distraught to the point of vomitting. Nick's parents eventually accepted their lot in life, and they set about doing everything they could to help their crippled son. Nick's parents knew from the start that their child would have a difficult time adjusting to life without an arm or a leg.

Nick was bullied relentlessly at school, and as a result, he suffered not only physically but emotionally and intellectually as well. Most of us know how vicious some children can be, and this was no exception for Nick, whose appearance set him apart from the others. Things deteriorated to the point where he declared himself finished, began to question his life's purpose, and whether or not he would ever marry or become financially independent. Even as a child, he contemplated ending it all by killing himself, but happily, his schemes were foiled.

Eventually, Nick, at 17, found inspiration from a story of a crippled guy who refused to let his disability dictate how he lived his life. To stop hating his life and instead be happy for what he had was a great inspiration for Nick. "If you can't have a miracle, become one," he famously said, refusing to allow his disability dominate his life.

The 38-year-life old's took an unexpected turn when he started the non-profit organization "Life without limbs." On top of everything else, he is an accomplished author and a well-known motivational speaker. In addition, Nick's marriage to Kanae Miyahara in February 2012 made the previously unthinkable a reality. And they've been blessed with wonderful children as a result of their union.

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