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Five teenagers were arrested after being caught stealing bakkie in Ottawa

Five teenagers where arrested following the stealing of a bakkie last night in KwaZulu-Natal, the youngest of them is 17 of age and oldest is 19.

5 teenagers had been caught red handed following the stealing of a bakkie in Ottawa, the gang of teenagers were caught by the reaction unit when they were busy pushing the bakkie trying to kick-start it.

However the officials stopped to check how they could help the 5 teenagers only to discover that the vehicle that they are pushing is stolen, immediately caught apprehended all of them and discovered that they are young.

The group says they were stealing the vehicle for another uncle who promised them R20 000 if they can get the specific car, they walk around the town looking for the vehicle when they finally got it it was at the wrong time.

The police had done a great job to move around patrolling and that lead to the recovery of a stolen bakkie, and they were still pushing it on the road trying to kick start it.

According to the information given the teenage are old enough to face the consequences of their actions and the law, it was given that all 17 of the teenagers were promised money but that will only make matters worse after investigation.

Metro cop spokesperson says these teenagers need to be thought a very big lesson, because stealing of cars is one of the major problems in South Africa and to limit crime actions should be taken immediately before it gets out of hand.

The 5 boys will be dealt with accordingly and the law will take its cause on theses case, for more information about the 5 boys that were arrested don't forget to follow our page to receive more interesting news.

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