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Carbonated Drinks

Female Condom Found Inside A Coca-Cola Bottle

Buying from local supermarkets is the quickest, and most convenient way to get things without having to use transportation. There has been a number of stories about supermarkets which are owned by people from outside, or people who are not originally from South Africa. 

There are people who have previously alleged that, they don't even buy sanitary towels from those supermarkets anymore. Some have alleged that those supermarket owners create their own products, which is dangerous for people because they may become sickly. 

A man posted pictures of what he thought was a Coca-Cola soft drink when he bought. He did not expect to see what he saw at the bottom of the bottle. He says there was a female condom at the bottom of the bottle. He even took pictures to show this to people. There are so many questions. How did the condom get into the bottle.


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Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Bottle South Africa.


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