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"My Daughters Were Forced To Clap And Watch The Truck Driver Defile Me" Lady Narrates Sad Ordeal

A truck driver's actions against a mother and her children will stay with her for the rest of her life. A woman who was hit by a truck while hiking a mountain has spoken out about her terrible experience.

In the past, her spouse had beaten her and verbally abused her toward her. She will never forget asking a truck driver for a ride and having him take advantage of her in return because of this.

Her children in the back seat were urged to applaud and lick his private parts while he went down." The following is what she said:

"When my daughters witnessed him defile me, he told the older one to lick his privates and the younger one to clap."

Phyllis was refused treatment because she lacked 30 cedis at the hospital, and the police dismissed her protests.

Are you of the opinion that Her case is particularly traumatic, and it begs for redress. Was the trucker right to act the way he did? In order to stay secure, what can ladies do?

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Phyllis Sad Ordeal


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