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Here's What Happens To Some Cars That Get Hijacked In Mzansi (see pics)

Looking at the burning issue of car theft and hijack in South Africa over the past few years the criminals behind these syndicates has always made it a norm that whenever they take somebody's car they strip it, selling it in some of our neibouring countries or even change its physical appearance and sell it around Mzansi but in different provinces since a lot be tampered with a such as papers and so on.

Well looking at what has been happening regarding stolen and hijacked cars since early last week criminals seems to have changed thief plans when it comes to these cars, What they have been up to at this point in time is that they take the cars do whatever they want to do then they dump them at other people's houses. For example, look at some of the cars which has been reported to be dumped so far (see screenshots)

Although the reason why they dumped is not clear at this point in time. If you should look at these cars am sure you will notice that they are fast modern cars, So this means that they could have been used as get-away cars in some thug's doggy dealings then get dumped at these people's houses so that the police stick to investigating the house owners where the cars were found as the thugs get away with whatever they could have done using the rides.

So now as a house owner and a law-abiding citizen, If you ever happen to wake up to a car in your yard please do not touch it or let any of your family members do (especially boys), Just make sure that you call the police right away in order to avoid being a suspect in cases you know absolutely nothing about. Please share the article to spread the awareness.

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