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A Dead Man Wakes Up Screaming After The Mortuary Attendant Accidentally Cut Him

A Dead Man Wakes Up Screaming After The Mortuary Attendant Accidentally Cut Him


Death is unavoidable, and every living soul will experience it at some point. When it is our time to die, we will undoubtedly die. However, if it is not yet your time to die, no matter what happens, you will never die since you have not yet reached that point. It is only doctors who can assess what has happened to a sufferer when they faint or pass out in certain circumstances.

Heart failure can occur in humans at any time, and because the person affected will cease breathing for a period of time before coming back to life, it is common for people to mistake it for true death.

This is the story of Mr. Kigen, who was brought to a small hospital in Kenya's Kericho County after suffering a heart attack. According to reports, he was in such bad shape that the general hospital's medical staff couldn't keep up with his condition any longer.

The physicians then told the man's family that he had died because they were unable to cope with his condition. However, when the family arrived and transported the corpse to the morgue, a mortuary attendant, while attempting to remove the leather bandage that had been wrapped around the presumed dead man, accidentally sliced his flesh, causing the guy to awaken and start screaming for aid.

The autopsy was performed prior to his body being deposited in the mortuary, according to reports. However, those who performed the autopsy in collaboration with the doctors of a general hospital submitted a fraudulent report, according to the same sources.

But the doctors and pathologists are being investigated by the health committee for lying to the man's family, according to the committee's findings. Unfortunately, reliable reports have shown that the man died later as a result of an unintentional cut caused by a mortuary staff while preparing for his burial.


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