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The Zimbabwean Who allegedly Killed 2 South Africans Has Been Arrested

Zimbabwean who just killed two South Africans in the last two days and crossed the river back to Zimbabwe apprehended by community members, he had been raping and robbing vulnerable citizens around Vhembe district in and around Niani areas.

Now this man was captured by the community members and disciplined before he was handed to the police officers so that the law can take its course, the community members are sometimes sympathetic and do not murder the suspects who're involved and implicated in horrible crimes.

Anyone who may have a case against him is encouraged to come forward and provide any kind of information which will lead to more additions of years, so that the suspect can be locked up for many years and not allowed outside.

Because there is a problem that we usually experience in our society where we find individuals who are implicated in horrible criminal activities not going to jail for a very long time, because their victims will be afraid and fearing for their lives.

And also because throughout the years we have grown very doubtful of the justice system many people are not even willing to test it out or to see if they can be in a situation where they are going to see if Justice can be brought forward, which is very unfortunate if you think about it.

And it makes people wonder if this is truly something that needs to be investigated in a proper manner, because clearly the individuals who are implicated in this kind of criminal activities are doing some horrible crimes knowing very well that they'll be able to get away with them.

Law enforcers are encouraging members of the public to always provide information that can lead to the arrest of Suspects who're involved in Criminal activities, because these perpetrators of crimes cannot be allowed to be roaming free and to do as they please.

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