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Theft robbery

A group of people has been labeled as scavengers after they ransacked a bombed money truck.

Small sums are stolen by robbers and not spent so it doesn't lead to inflation or disrupt the economy. The amount stolen by thugs is so tiny that if all robberies stopped tomorrow it would hardly affect the economy at all.

That does not mean money heists and bank robberies are justified, it is still wrong as it negatively taints our social fabric as a people and it perpetuates crime in our society.

Sentiments of disdain towards the criminal minded and criminal elements within our society were recently shared on social media after money truck was bombed and robbed.👇🏿

In a video video that has gone viral community members who have been labeled as scavengers by some can be seen swarming around the truck taking whatever they can get from the aftermarth.

You can check out the video via this link:

This is really sad that our society has come to this, but the high levels of crime can also be attributed to the high levels of inequality, poverty, unemployment, social exclusion and marginalisation.

 I believe that the effects of apatheid on the country's socio-economic structure in terms of poverty, education, inequality and other factors, still persists today. Take out the poverty and unemployment, crime statistics improve a bit; but one would still have to deal with the non-economic influenced crime (i.e. crime existing due to entrenched social attitudes and culture).

A lot of comments were shared on social media after after this post was made, people throwing in their two cents on the matter as you will see below in the comments box.

The reality of this matter is that there is a lot of poverty in the country, 40% unemployment rate, and a poor quality police force, led by political clueless people, and not professionals. Murder conviction rate 14%, so you have a 86% chance of getting away. Crime keeps getting rife and it gives robbers and other criminals to do as the please.

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