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Criminals Are Back At It - If You Live In This Area, Be On The Lookout.


Yesterday morning, just after 06:00, a client from Oatlands spotted 2 intruders in her yard and pressed their panic button. While the suspects were fleeing over the back wall, the control room dispatched Hi-Tec armed response. On arrival, one response officer made contact with the client to get more details and check the perimeter, while the other officer started searching the area. The client was able to provide a description of the clothing that the intruders were wearing, which was then radioed to all other units. In the client's yard, an officer made the discovery that water was streaming everywhere and that their copper pipes had been stolen.

The perpetrators had run across Albany Field where they had a bag stashed to cunningly change into different clothes. It is suspected that this was an attempt to avoid camera identification, since Oatlands is one of the suburbs on our CCTV Network which is monitored 24/7 by the camera operators.

Armed response searched the area and arrested both offenders as they were going up Florence Street, but only after they had undergone a complete transformation in their changed clothes. The bag which was found in their possession contained the stolen copper pipes, along with the clothes that the client had described them as initially wearing. The client opened a case with the police.

Please beware of this new modus operandi. We realise that it's difficult to keep a cool head in these types of emergency situations, but always try to pay attention to the little details. As this will allow you to provide as thorough a description as possible to our control room/officers. Thieves are becoming more and more cunning in their attempts to try and avoid being captured.

WARNING: The theft of copper pipes, tubing, and wiring has increased at an alarming rate lately due to the increased value for scrap copper. A wide assortment of building materials contain copper, including heating and air conditioning units, plumbing, gutters, water tanks, electrical components, etc and are all targets for thieves. Costs change all the time, and thieves can make money selling copper. More often than not the damage caused obtaining the copper vastly exceeds the value of the copper, but this does not deter the thieves.

Please be vigilant and contact our control room for 24/7 emergency assistance should you hear or see anything suspicious: (046) 636-1667 / WhatsApp/SMS 071 682 9054.

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