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Rape Obscene

I was raped this morning.

A woman shared the story of how she was raped today (23 May). She tweeted:

"I'm so heartbroken right now. Hot attacked and raped in the morning. You people are brave."

The woman further added that she has opened a case and handed her clothes to the police. She revealed that the pills they gave her at the hospital are not treating her well. They are causing her to throw up.

These pills are likely to be Pep which are normally taken within 48 hours of coming into contact with a possible case of HIV. The pills are used to prevent HIV and can have very uncomfortable side effects that are mostly not life threatening. The side effects are sometimes so uncomfortable that some opt to not complete the full 28 day course and that can cause the Pep to not do the job.

The woman later revealed in a later tweet that she feels like she is losing her mind when she is alone.

Very sad story. Find out what others thought:,Every%20hour%20counts!

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