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In shock : Truck Stolen By A Zimbabwean Driver, Truck Owner In Tears

Truck stolen by a Zimbabwean driver

A Truck with license plate HZP 594 MP was allegedly stolen this morning by a Zimbabwean driver, this incident is very unfortunate and should serve as a lesson to those truck owners who think that hiring foreign nationals is wise.

Foreign national men have nothing to lose including their lives, wellbeing, safety, happiness and it’s easy for them to just disappear with your truck as it is easy for them to say goodbye - in other words it’s very easy.

The last location it was seen was in Carolina around 2:00 am, now this has made the driver get the impression that the truck is stolen because the tracking device was disabled meaning that it has completely went off grid and will take some searching in order to find it.

According to the reports, the driver picked up his wand, and a two weeks old baby and vanished.

His name is Phillemon, even the name of his truck driver sounds made up and fake so it is clear that the truck driver stole from the owner and it’s very unfortunate now he's going to have to spend some resources in order to find them because we know that the SAPS will not be very helpful in this regard.

We have reason to believe that this man has already jumped the border with the truck, and is probably already looking at prospects of living his new life as a truck owner.

Anyone with information is urged to call the police so that the suspect can be brought to justice, the incident is truly shocking to the owner of the vehicle because he did not anticipate that a hardworking, honest Zimbabwean driver will one day steal his truck to never come back to work again.

But some people are saying that we shouldn't be going to the extremes we should also look at the possibility that this driver could have been driving very well, doing his job and he came across hijackers who unfortunately killed and took the truck so since the truck owner has not received any feedback from his trucker we shouldn’t automatically assume that the driver had stole it.

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