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Mzansi celebrate after criminal suspects are shot dead, See people reactions

Criminals have a tendency to believe that they can simply rob other people's businesses and get away with it without considering the ramifications of their actions. However, this is not necessarily the case. There have been numerous instances of criminals being killed in various locations across the country while engaging in criminal activity. However, this does not serve as an example to other criminals, as they continue to terrorize and rob people's businesses. 

Because of the increasing number of robberies and thefts that are taking place around the country, many company owners are reluctant to extend their operating hours into the evenings and on weekends. Some business owners have been slain during robberies, while others have experienced financial losses as a result of robberies that have occurred at their places of business. 

After a shootout erupted between the security guards of Ishaark Buckery and one of the suspects, the South African police services reported that three suspects were shot and killed in the East Rand. In this case, three criminal suspects' lives were tragically cut short when they were shot and killed during an attempt to rob a buckery shop in Johannesburg. One piece of good news is that no one of the security guards has been reported to have died as a result of the incident.

South African people were overjoyed to learn of their deaths. Some people have expressed that minus three is a problem. Others expressed the opinion that they should continue to be killed in order to bring about peace in the country. None of them were regretful that their lives had been cut short; in fact, practically everyone appeared to be relieved that they had died.

What do you think of the shooting deaths of three suspected terrorists by security guards?

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