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Here is more about the African tribe that consists of only women

Umoja Uaso (Swahili for "unity"; the Uaso Nyiro is a nearby river) is a Kenyan settlement. The village, which was established in 1990, is an all-female matriarchy located in the town of Archers Post in Samburu County, about 380 kilometers (240 miles) from Nairobi, Kenya's capital. Rebecca Lolosoli, a Samburu lady, established it as a safe haven for homeless survivors of violence against women and young girls fleeing forced marriages. Violence and women's customary subordination are unacceptable to the ladies of the Samburu tribe.

Rebecca Lolosoli founded Umoja after being kicked out of her community and beaten by a mob of men for speaking out against the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).

While in the hospital, she had the notion to build a hamlet where males were not allowed.

Umoja, which means "unity" in Swahili, began with 15 women and grew to roughly 50 families at its peak, according to Nolmongen.

Umoja women rely on their beadwork and crafts talents to support themselves and their children. Tourism is another source of revenue for the community. A community center and a pre-school for children from the village and surrounding areas have been constructed.

Group funds for sickness, incapacity, and savings are among the other efforts. Umoja offers adult education and serves as a mentor to other women's groups in the area.

Although Kenya's constitution specifies that all women have equal rights to possess property, land is typically passed down from dads to sons, making it difficult for women to acquire land.

According to the Kenya Land Alliance, a women's advocacy group, women possess fewer than 2% of all titled land in Kenya.

The Samburu have communal tenure, which means that men make all decisions about how land is used and apportioned.

However, the women of Umoja may soon gain legal ownership over a plot of grazing property a few kilometers from the hamlet that they purchased with their savings and donations a few years ago.


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