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We Know Where She Lives||Are They Now Threatening Kwena Molekwa?

The issue of the foreigners in this country is giving people sleepless nights. Foreigners have slowly come into this country and the authorities were doing nothing about this. They just let them come illegally and even when they are here, they do all sorts of things. Most crimes are committed by them and even with that information, they just continue to let them do as they please because they are afraid of being called xenophobic.

This is now happening at the expense of the people of this country because they are the ones who are suffering. They live in the townships and not the estates. Our leaders are not affected at all by all this. They are well protected where they live and they have high fences and also security.

We know who are the faces of PutSouthAfricaFirst and Operation Dudula. They are very vocal and they never shy away from telling the truth as painful as it might be for others. The truth will set you free. The only thing that South Africans want is to see illegal foreigners go out of this country and those that are here legally should continue to follow the laws of this country which we know is not the case anymore.

It now looks like Kwena Molekwa might be in danger because now foreigners are blaming her for all the things that are happening now in the country about foreigners. Now they are even saying that they know where she lives.

Kwena Molekwa needs to be protected at all costs. It can not happen that foreigners can come to this country and even think that they have the power to threaten South Africans. Authorities in this country have allowed for this situation to happen because they only think about themselves. They do not care about the next person.

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