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5 Most Deadliest Prisons In The World | N0 1 Is Too Deadly.

What happens behind bars is depicted in films like The Shawshank Redemption, Escape Plan, and Escape from Alcatraz. In this article, we'll provide you a list of the top 25 most dangerous jails in the planet.

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a "secure prison." Unfortunately, we will not be able to add them on this list. We have 25 of the world's most dangerous prisons in "correctional facilities," where riots are common, murder and rape are routine, and torture is a recreational activity. Prisons are intended to serve as a place of rehabilitation for people who have been mislead or have gone astray. Although no one is born a criminal, certain circumstances may lead to criminal activity.

As you will understand as you continue reading, overcrowding is an issue in many prisons across the world. Over 100 detainees have been reported in cells built to contain just ten convicts at a time. One could expect prison staff to be harsh with inmates, but who could have expected that their severity would be so extreme that they would torture, rape, and murder inmates due to their own sadist persona? In other institutions, it was the captives who were the problem, not the guards.

To compile this list of the world's 25 most hazardous jails, we went through Reddit forums, Quora conversations, YouTube clips, and pieces from reputable news outlets. We investigated the most horrible jail occurrences in history and learned more about the organizations involved.

5. Tadmor Prison, Syria.

Tadmor Prison has a reputation for being one of the most repressive detention facilities in the world, which is why it is in the top five of our list of the world's 25 most dangerous prisons. Detainees were tortured and killed, with their bodies cut apart with an ax or dragged to death. President Hafez-al-Assad ordered soldiers to "kill every prisoner in sight" in retribution for an assassination attempt on his life in June 1980. The exact number of those slain is unknown to this day, but it is estimated to be in the thousands, all of them were members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

4. La Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela

Uprisings, poor living conditions, disorientation, and extensive human rights violations led the closure of La Sabaneta in 2013. As a result of chronic gang activities, a riot erupted on January 3, 1994. This tragedy resulted in the deaths of over 150 convicts, some at the hands of competing gang members and others at the hands of prison authorities. Gang violence was common due to a shortage of security personnel. After more than 69 residents died in 2013, Sabaneta was compelled to close its doors for good.

3. Petak Island Prison, Russia.

On an island in Novozero Lake, Petak Island Prison is located. It houses some of Russia's most dangerous offenders, but they have little fear of killing one another because they are kept in tight two-man cells for 22.5 hours a day. Cages are used for the remaining 1.5 hours. Unfavorable living circumstances leave psychological scars that are harmful to one's health. The captives are denied access to hygienic facilities, are not allowed to attend school, are only given two brief visits each year, and are tortured to death.

2. Vladimir Central Prison, Russia.

The Vladimir Central Prison is Russia's largest maximum-security prison, with convicts serving terms ranging from ten years to life. Although the prison has a capacity of 1220 people, it is now overcrowded and infested with diseases. At Vladimir Central, prisoners are often pulled out of their cells, forced to put their hands on a wall, and then lashed and beaten to death.

1. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

This prison in Cuba, administered by the United States, was created to house Taliban and Al-Qaeda suspects seized in Afghanistan. Despite President Obama's vow that the facility would be closed following his election, it remains open and houses 40 convicts. Throughout Trump's presidency, the prison remained open. President Joe Biden wants to help President Barack Obama achieve his objective of closing the notorious detention center where detainees are subjected to "enhanced interrogation techniques" such as waterboarding and sensory deprivation.


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