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Call The Police Immediately You See This Black Dot On The Palm Of People You Meet.

No one wants to be the victim of someone else's out-of-control temper in the twenty-first century, and no one wants to be in continual fear because they have chosen to live with a certain individual, as was the situation in the twentieth century. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of people trying to raise awareness about the difficulties others face when caring for ailing family members.

Domestic violence is highly prohibited in today's culture, but it appears that some people are still unaware of how to distinguish those who are constantly abused by those who are meant to protect them from harm.. they are. Thus, the "Black Dot" social media campaign was established to raise awareness and identify abuse victims. Over 1,500 people have joined the Facebook group, many of whom have black dots tattooed on their hands as a way to make a silent protest about domestic abuse.

TTo make it easier for victims of domestic violence to get in touch with the police and report crimes, a campaign was launched.

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Black Dot


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