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Road Accident

Hijackers are cruel what happened in Linden Johannesburg

What happened in Linden Johannesburg: 3 suspect came out of nowhere as a the victim was waiting for the gate to open, just when it was half way one suspect came to the driver side of the victim firing at him multiple times, the victim tried to drive away as during that but went straight to the building ahead.

It may had been that he was badly wounded that caused the victim to drive to wards the building, quickly the 3 suspects surrounded the vehicle and took the victim's body off the car.

Placed the victim on the ground, and drove away with the car is unidentified on the scene, but it's a black mini van, this took place at linden Johannesburg, crime is becoming more and more high in South Africa and Hijacking case are being reported almost everyday.

The victim was left lifeless laying on the ground and they drove away, what is it that you need to do to walk away in a hijack situation? Probably run if you have the chance if not just show them that you are not fighting and give away your car willingly because they fear not to take one's life.

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