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2 Foreign Nationals Burned Down An 11 Room House & 3 Vehicles

Two foreign national business owners were apprehended for allegedly burning down an 11 room home along with 3 expensive vehicles at Blinkwster village outside Giyani in Limpopo, the incident shocked a lot of people and that is why there are so many consequences that they are going through.

They accuse the homestead owner of being behind the killing of one of their own, so this is definitely incredibly illegal for someone to do.

It is clear that this mob Justice business is getting out of hand and it has a lot of people at a disadvantage, we truly cannot be in a society that allows such criminality to persist among us to be done in order to stop those individuals who are not contributing in a positive manner in our Society.

It is clear that the only way to do so is to ensure that they end up behind bars because some of these individuals cannot be saved or they're not even interested in integrating into our Society, and living life just like everyone else.

And that is a problem that we are facing but that is a problem that people are supposed to take on, that is also why in the first place jails were created in order to deal with such individuals if they prove to be very troublesome in a certain community.

We do hope that the law will take its course and the suspects will be dealt with in a way that is going to ensure that the same kind of behaviour is not repeated, whatever the person might have done there is no justification for such actions.

There are laws and courts that are supposed to deal with citizens who are proving to be a challenge, and that is all that is really happening or should at least be happening. The police have always encouraged the ordinary members of the public to not engage in any forms of Mob Justice, because there is no resolution to these kind of activities they are just catalysts to more violence.

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