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"Women need to see this, woman allegedly tweeted that man should give men money: Opinion

A specific lady shared the poster, and Zodwa retweeted it. On the post is an image of a woman clutching what seems like a piece of paper with the words "women should donate money to males" on it. No idea how many ladies would agree with that statement.

Why women can agree on gender equality but disagree on other issues that would arise as a result of that equality is beyond me. Money distribution is an issue. If men and women are on equal footing, then it only makes sense for women to offer men money.

What this means is that women should shop for groceries and replace light bulbs in the home. Women should have equal access to tasks such as gardening and auto maintenance such as checking fluid levels. This means that women should be expected to perform the same range of everyday tasks as men. They can't be in favor of gender parity if it's simply for the benefit of themselves.

We appreciate it.


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