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ENYABENI DEATHS || Watch shared videos of events before the tragedy

Click on the link below of a video that was shared of some events that took place before tragedy struck :

Above is a video of how it looked like at the scene in East London's Enyobeni Scenery Park last night . The place was too full to capacity .

Click on the links below for more :

Here is more that was shared of some of the events before the tragedy would strike : the videos that were shared , it can be seen that most people who were at the massive party were young . It was confirmed that the ages of people who died were below the age of twenty . The Citizen went on and highlighted that the cause of the deaths had not been established , but investigations were underway .

Who is to blame for this massive tragedy?

Looking at the videos that were shared will make one realise that there were many irregularities. To begin with , the place was too full such that it would be a challenge to control the people. The owner and the organisers should have managed the people in attendance by selling a specific number of tickets that would be inline with the carrying capacity of the place .

It was also clear that most of the patrons were too young to be in the tavern . The owner and the organisers of the event should be held accountable for allowing underaged people to be at the tavern . Parents and guardians of some of the underaged children should also take blame for the tragedy . Children under the age of 18 should have been at home , not in the tavern at those odd hours .

May the souls of the deceased rest in peace.

Click here for more on the sad story :

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