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A young girl killed herself because her parents let her rapist walk away because he is family friend

We live in a cruel world where children and women are not safe because of men, men force themselves on children and women whenever they feel like it. It's a sad reality because cases like this raise every day but the government is doing nothing about it.

A lady who goes by the name of Lizzy takes it to her Twitter account telling people how furious she is that her 18-year-old cousin took her own life because her parents let her rapist walk away reason being he is a family friend.

Lizzy stated that her late cousin send an email to her and some of the family members explaining why she killed herself. In the email she mentioned that she got raped inside her house by a family friend, she then told her parents so they can fight for her to get Justice they let her rapist walk away and she also fell pregnant they locked her in the house so she doesn't do abortion.

Lizzy is angry and she wants to fight for her late cousin to get justice, she also stated that she wants to start fighting at the funeral because she doesn't support what happened to this young girl.

What kind of parents who let a monster that raped their daughter slip out of their hands? Worse to make her keep the baby of her rapist that is insane or who knows maybe they were part of the plan.

Looking at the situation I feel like the parents didn't love their daughter, I mean like they let her go through such pain without their support, at least they should have let her take the matter to the police, let her speak out so Justice can be served.

When people received the post they couldn't hold themselves but to jump into the comment section and shared their views.

@Amit: "You MUST! In some jurisdictions a suicide note, sometimes referred to as "a dying declaration", which this email clearly was, is sufficient to prosecute a person. Her parents should be charged with hiding evidence, abetment of crime, and abetting a suicide." He wrote.

@Scarlet: "Id be extra petty and print out copies of the email and distribute them with the programs. Enough of family’s- parents who are supposed to protect their kids treat them as the source of shame. Bring all that dirt to light and hold them accountable." She wrote

@Jari: "Where do you live because I’d come and stand right beside you and fight with you 😡 I am truly sorry for your loss and for the suffering your cousin had to endure." She wrote


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