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South Africans are completely heartbroken after noticing something on Trending pictures

Pictures of a young boy being spotted doing homework on the street using the light from a street light has been trending all over social media with many people expressing their disappointment.

The man who posted these pictures stated that he came across the young boy doing homework on the street while he was on his way to the shop, he asked the young boy why was he doing homework on the street and the young boy told him there's no electricity at home and he needed to use the street light to see.

The picture is deeply saddening and once again exposes the high levels of poverty we have in Africa, many children are expected to excel in school while in the other hand they study under harsh conditions because of the failure to provide basic needs, no Child deserve to be in the same situation as the one on the above pictures.

People who can relate to the boy's situation had this to say:

"I grew up without electricity at home so I know the feeling, so I never played with other kids after school I was doing my homeworks before the dark and I go fetch some woods to make fire for hot water in the morning".

"I used to do my homework day time or get up early in the morning and do my homework since we didn't have electricity therefore i'm advising him to do the same. This is not safe and our african governments take years to solve this type of problems due to corruption, selfishness and more".

Hopefully the young boy will adjust and start doing his homework during daytime, if he never gives and continues focusing on his studies he can end up being successful and change the situation at home.


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