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"AKA- women abuser, SOMIZI-Sex offender, Jacob Zuma- rapist became president ", says tweet

One thing about South Africans, they will dig one's past and use it against them , which is why it is always adviced to be very careful of what you say on the internet or public as it will be used to ruin you in the future.

MissSA top30 finalist could kiss her career goodbye as her past is brought to light. It is said that Thulani Ndzotyana, the top 30 finalist made fun of a 15 year old girl who was raped by her boyfriend and it is allegedly that_she said, the young girl asked for it as she defended her man who was a rugby player.

" If this is not a lesson for all of us to remember that a man is not a hill to die on then I don't know what it is. Thulani Ndzotyana's career gone just like that", one commented.

" Only in South Africa where men get away with everything but not women..umasilingane akeko. AKA- women abuser, SOMIZI-Sex offender, Jacob Zuma- Rapists because president", another Commented.

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