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Why Are we Experiencing Loadshedding Again ?

Understanding Load shedding Stages, load shedding is used under emergency conditions for limited periods, 8 schedules have been developed based on the level of risk, for more info available from ~ ESKOMPlease stop wasting your money by handing it over to Eskom including municipalities. Communities have the power to develop their own alternative energy minigrids. Technology in terms of energy storages is hitting the market and we must all explore these solutions. The money you hand over in a form of rates and taxes could be withdrawn, and paid over to a trust funds managed by the accountable office bearers. You can fix your roads and invest in your own infrastructure development, why should you have out of commission traffic lights which can be fixed? Let us wake up and run our affairs without depending on pooticians, remove money from the pooticians, and see what will happen this load shedding thing is bad

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