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“I’m embarrassed” Is this an official response from Sisa Flatela? See this

Presently, the name Sisa Flatela is presumably one of the most looked through names in South Africa in the previous week and we as a whole know the justification for why.

In the event that you actually don't know what her identity is, then, at that point, you going to, yet individuals are clearly not going to respond something similar subsequent to discovering what she has been moving for.

Along these lines, a couple of days prior, it was asserted that the YouTuber had released an image of her private part and web-based media went off the deep end after that.

The sad thing pretty much all of this is that, individuals have called her a wide range of names, she most likely have been pondering what she will do straightaway.

Presently, she presumably laments everything, except the online media roads have clarified that they couldn't care less with regards to how she feels. There is a video that was posted yesterday on a Twitter account that is said to have a place the YouTuber.

In the video, one can plainly see the YouTuber is having herself a happy time, she is at some eatery and she drinking is by all accounts juice. One can see that she does a ton of vlogging, she even has a YouTube channel where she posts recordings of herself in better places.

Something else that individuals may have acknowledged is that, she is an explorer, she simply has things working out in a good way for herself, and on the off chance that that is the situation, what might have been the thinking behind what she did?

Clearly, she is the no one but who can educate really concerning this, so in the video she took at the eatery, she is messing about and there is a section where she makes reference to the she is humiliated, which prompted individuals believing that this may be a new video and she is humiliated that she is moving a result of the image of the private part.

The video appears to be a new video, yet it probably was not on the grounds that there are individuals who discovered that there is another Twitter record and this is the genuine one that really has a place with the YouTuber.

What's more with this Twitter account, it was locked, which seemed OK since everybody would have been on her case, she would not hear its finish. The best way to see her posts and tweets is assuming that you follow her and regardless of whether you follow, she would in any case conclude whether or not she needs to give you access.

All things considered, there is no new video of the YouTuber where she tends to the entire thing, there most likely won't be any, everything relies upon her. She may choose to say something or not, yet tweeps are presumably hanging tight for her to say something, one thing that may happen is that, she may drift again if chooses to end her quiet.

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Sisa Flatela


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