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The CT Police officer that had a mental breakdown and knocked down his partner

It seems that all hell broke loose after a police officer at cape town had a mental breakdown in-front of civilians and they took a video of him not all was well after him alone disbanded all of his co workers, by a simple fight while he was beating then. All they wanted to do was put him under control but his tyranny was beyond maintained, the police officer on the scene took a gun from a female police officer.

Thats when all police wanted to contain his behaviour, the video has been trending on all social media platform but twitter is where it has been making some rounds. Here is the picture the post of the video from twitter as someone on twitter posted it to share the incident which took place at Cape Town.

It has been said that it was just a typical day as everyone was at work doing their rounds like everyday when his breakdown hit hard, thats when he started fighting his co workers. On the comment’s from twitter it was said that he has been admitted to a medical facility because his state is not supposed to be in the streets.

It is said that ever since he lost his Twin brother he has not be the same and this behaviour display is not the first he has portrayed so far, his twin brother’s loss really took a lot from him and now he is not fine.

Here are the pictures of the video screenshots here are the pictures from the comments.

After the video was posted a lot of comments were shared here are the views and opinions from twitter users here are the comment’s.

Source: twitter social media platform

Here’s the of the post from twitter:

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