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Road Accident

BMW Driver Shook Mzansi After Doing This With His Cars (see pics)

Although almost everyone is familiar with the fact that it is very wrong to judge a book by its cover, and the same applies to human beings. If you should go out now and ask a lot of people about their perspectives on VW driver's I bet a lot of answers you will get will be those associating them with a lot of bad stuff which includes being careless, All this is motivated by what a lot of them see on some of this VW guys on a daily basis anyway 

Well judging by the pics which has surfaced on Facebook 2 days back, It seems like it is time to now associate they who drive BMW cars with all the things which we associate VW drivers with. Have a look at what this guy has just done in the pics attached below.

Which level of being irresponsible is this now? I mean look at the pics attached above this individual does not have space for basic stuff in the house such as a TV, BED,or a stand in his living room, yet his room has space for that, but it is consumed by the cars he is parking inside his house instead of outside. When this picture's surfaced online, a lot of people had so much to say about this kind of house planning. See some of their comments below 

There you go, You have seen what others had to say about all this, so right now let us hear your take on this kind of planning, Do you find what this individual has done here as dope or not? Please state your views in the comments section below.

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