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Remember The Woman Who Wanted To Dump Her Dog On The Street, This Is What Is Happening To Her

Remember the woman who was wearing Netcare 911 uniform - she was captured on camera and pictures of her were taken when she was trying to dispose of her dog in a seemingly illegal way, because she just stopped a vehicle by the side of the road, and then proceeded to take out what seemed to be the food of the dog and she placed it outside on the grass a little bit further from her vehicle.

She proceeded to let the dog get out and eat the food while she tried to get her away from the scene by getting inside of her vehicle and then driving away, but luckily enough there was an ordinary member of the public who had observed the whole incident take place and quickly took out his smartphone and recorded the whole incident.

He then proceeded to post the video on social media in an effort to expose her reckless behaviour, the woman proceeded to take the dog and put it inside the vehicle and then she went on to drive away.

It is alleged that she might be a nurse and investigations will be conducted in order to determine if she is not mistreating her pets and there are chances that even her job might be at stake because of what she had done, firms do not like people who commit criminal activities.

The Netcare Group says it is investigating whether a woman who was dong her deed in Boksburg, East Rand, is one of its employees.

Madaleini Nel, confronted the woman and asked her what she was doing because it seemed like she was trying to dispose of her pet in a very careless way - chances are the dog could get knocked by the vehicle as she was attempting to dump it by the side of the road traveling on the road, so such things are not tolerated by most of the general public.

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