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Woman Dies At Night Outside Clinic After Nurse Refused To Help Her

What a horrific way for a woman to meet her end; it's clear that crime is not only taking the lives of regular people in our society, but also making life very difficult for the rest of us. 

There is a huge problem on everyone's hands if people are dying due to a lack of service delivery, and we have high hopes that the authorities will be able to prevent more criminal activity in the country. 

Can you even comprehend that this woman needed medical intervention? Don't they have a code of ethics that they follow? This is very disappointing. The incident allegedly occurred at the Vleifontein clinic, where a woman was denied entrance at the gate, with security and Nurses strongly saying they can't assist her in the dark. 

We trust that the authorities will investigate this matter thoroughly so that the woman's death will not be in vain, and that they will not tolerate this type of behavior. Clearly, this is a really worrying issue that regular people in our society are facing; it's a shame we're in this situation given that we mistakenly believed it would guarantee smooth sailing. 

As the mom and her 2-year-old child lay there until additional community members arrived to help, it is quite evident that the government must make every effort to prevent future tragedies of this nature. If the people of this country work together to prevent criminal activity like this from happening, no one will tolerate it.


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