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Kgosi Mampuru Prison is dealing with Ex-Cop serial killer as her legs were shackled with leg irons

Kgosi Mampuru prison is dealing with ex cop serial killer as her legs were shackled with leg irons

Rosemary Ndlovu Multiple murder accused Rosemary Ndlovu slowly approaching the witness stand in the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg. This time her legs were shackled with leg irons unlike in the previous appearances in Palm Ridge. She walks slowly to the witness stand. She tells the court that the cuffs are too tight and would like them to be lossend as she is in pain. The state says they will be lossend but not taken off due to certain incidents that happened in court.

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu is back in court today for her trial. She’s alleged to have orchestrated the killings of 6 relatives to benefit from funeral and life cover policies amounting to over R1,4 million. Ndlovu will today take the stand for cross examination.

On Friday Rosemary Ndlovu was questioned on the death of Witness Homu who is her cousin. She benefited over R131 000 after his death. The state asked her why she listed him as a spouse and she says it was an error from the insurers. Rosemary Ndlovu claims she took out policies on all her loved ones because she wanted to help her poor relatives. She claims she gave Witness Homu’s mother R15k after the funeral, a claim that’s been denied by the deceased’s mother before court as a state witness.

Ndlovu is currently being cross examined about the death of her niece Zanele Motha. She's said to have received over R119 000 in policy payouts. Zanele Motha is her brother’s daughter who died one month after living coming to live with her. Motha died after being released in her car for ‘minor injuries’ on her face.

A few days later Rosemary Ndlovu returned her to Thembisa hospital where she died on arrival from injuries including broken ribs. While medical stuff testified with X-ray records that no such injuries were picked up, Ndlovu claims nothing happened to Motha in her care.

Rosemary Ndlovu version of events is that her niece Motha was complaining about pain since she was discharged. She says she woke up to her coughing and found her kneeling near her bed in pain. She says that’s when she took her back hospital where she died minutes after arriving.

Rosemary Ndlovu is said to have benefited R119 840 for Motha’s death. She claims she used R60k to help with the funeral but couldn’t further assist because the father of Motha’s 3 children refused anything coming from her.

The state tells Rosemary Ndlovu that the doctor who testified in court even provided X-rays of Motha that she wasn’t as badly injured when she was discharged in her care. Ndlovu maintains the hospital might have made a mistake because she didn’t do anything to Motha.

Rosemary Ndlovu now being cross examined about her late boyfriend Maurice Yingwani Mabasa. The state now moves to the third victim, her deceased lover Maurice Mabasa who was found stabbed over 80 times in 2015. Rosemary Ndlovu is alleged to have benefited R416 307 from various policies after his death..The state says when he died, Ndlovu had R1.71 in her bank account. She then received a string of payouts amounting to over R400 000. Rosemary Ndlovu is taken through her bank account documents. Her basic salary was R7. 088.

The state accused Rosemary Ndlovu saying she lied about living with Mr Mabasa. The state says the brother of the deceased, Justice Mabasa, testified that they were no longer living together closer to his deaths because of complains of fights between the couple.

Rosemary Ndlovu is said to have called the brother at some instances to report how they had fights. Ndlovu says that was only once and he says they hardly fought. Another witness, Percival, testified about their fights and says at some point the house was damaged and a bottle…Of petrol was found as a source of the damage.

Rosemary Ndlovu is asked about how much he spent on Mabasa’s funeral and she says she doesn’t know. She says she handled everything including logistics of the family travelling to the deceased home. She says the family wasn’t required to assist with all the arrangements. Rosemary Ndlovu breaks down as she's asked to look at the exhibit that show what was found in Maurice Mabasa's body.

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