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10 Died, 3 Arrested In Johannesburg Robbery

Cops and the five criminals who were caught in one of Johannesburg's big malls were in a fierce battle to stay alive. The five thieves rushed into the mall with guns to shut it down and steal expensive jewelry worth $3 million from one of the stores. The police were called in time, and when they got to the mall, the thieves started shooting at them. The police department didn't think twice before opening fire in response.

At a shopping mall, police killed five suspects and four people who were just there. Since both the police and the suspects were shooting at each other, it is still not clear who was shooting at them. The suspects were also said to have killed one police officer.

With the help of back-up metro police officers, three suspects were caught at the scene. People are still shocked when they see a monster like this. People who were there have said a lot about what happened. Some businesses have been forced to close so that the police can do their job and get all the important information from the crime scene.

The owner of the store, who asked not to be named for his own safety, said that eight armed men burst into his store. Everyone was told not to move because if they did, his body could be burned up.

"It's a good thing that our company is a clear organization." Some 8-year-old boys who we didn't know broke into the store. We were told not to move, but by God's grace, one of the security guards saw what was going on. The security guard called 911 to let the police know what was going on. When the police came, the fire was already in the air and pointed right at them. Our business is right across from the robot on the stand-alone corner. We think that they chose us over other businesses because they thought no one would notice what they were doing because a jewelry store is not usually a very busy place.

The mall's management said that they are currently looking into the problem because they have heard that some dangerous people may just decide to come to the mall and kill innocent people.

"This is being looked into with the help of the police."

The killers will have to answer for what they did."

Themba Ndlozi, a spokeswoman for the police, said in a statement:

According to the information we have, nine people died as a result of the theft of goods at the Mall. "Because one of us died, I'm talking about police officers and bystanders who died for no reason, the police are on the case to make sure the people who did it are held accountable."


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