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Road Accident

In Shock : This Is What Was Spotted On The N17 Highway


The video footage shows an incident where the is an individual on the highway who is driving on the opposite direction of the road, the suspect is driving onto incoming traffic but on the side of the roadway between the fast lane and partition between the northbound and southbound lanes.

The incident has caused a huge stir on social media and has made many people ask themselves what could have being the reason that the suspect was driving this way, and members of the public are just observing the whole incident with wonder.

There has been many cases like this where there are individuals who are driving on the oncoming lane for no apparent reason, the police are still going to do their investigations to see the reason behind this incident so that they can really bring the full charges onto the suspect and bring him to justice.

An ordinary member of the public who happened to be in the vicinity and thought that this suspect had to be exposed for his reckless actions was recording the whole incident as it occurred, and you can see through the video the vehicle is going on the opposite lane and no one seems to be stopping it and that is why a lot of people are concern about the driving members of the public on the roads.

At this point there are many incidents which will lead to accidents and recklessness should not be one of them, and that is the reason why people are concerned with the activities of such individuals especially when other people's lives are concerned.

Many people have died because of such actions of individuals who do not really care about other people and many reasons why this individual could have been in such a situation, it is only a matter of time before the police investigations are conducted in order to really find the perpetrators of this crime.

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