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Northwest man who killed her Mom & drank her blood, tells why he did. Reason will leave you in shock

A North West guy was apprehended after he allegedly murdered his mother and then drank her blood. The family of the victim and the neighbourhood in which they resided were stunned. Colonel Adéle Myburgh, spokeswoman for North West police, stated that Boons police were dispatched to a "horrific murder scene" on Monday. She stated that based on what she understood thus far, Kedisaletse Elizabeth Mosoane, 53, and her 24-year-old son Thabang engaged in a fight.


Kedisaletse's body was discovered inside a hut by responding officers. Numerous stab wounds covered his body. After stabbing his mother, Thabang was reportedly observed sipping her blood, as reported to authorities. Thabang was apprehended and indicted for murder. He appeared in court before Magistrate Koster.

Her son allegedly murdered 53-year-old Kedisaletse Mosoane.

The family and neighbours of Mosoane gathered at her home on Saturday to prepare for her funeral. Women wearing head coverings and shawls sat and hummed hymns close to the kitchen and front door. Men gathered by the entrance and beneath a partially-covered tent to express their sadness. In her RDP home, Mosoane's relatives gathered. Sello Mosoane and her aunt Naomi Mosoane, who were in charge of the mourning, sat in her bedroom, where they had lit two white candles.

The women struggled to keep their tears in check. Sello stated that when he saw Thabang following Mosoane's death, he was covered in blood because he had drank his mother's blood after murdering her.

"I was at home minding my own business when I noticed a gang of toddlers running toward my home."

They were shouting that I had to come to my aunt's house immediately. They shouted, "She was murdered!" These children told me that Thabang killed his mother and devoured her blood.

"Without hesitation, I dashed to my aunt's residence. When I arrived, Thabang was seated on a water bottle made of plastic. The cops and other others in the yard prevented me from speaking with him. I wanted to move rapidly with him. When I asked him what he'd done, he responded, "I killed her." Sello claimed to have witnessed Mosoane's neck being stabbed. Blood was trickling from the left side of her neck as she lay on her side. She was lifeless. His twin brother Thabo stated that Thabang had murdered their mother for a mere R10 " He intended to use that R10 to buy marijuana. " According to Thabo, his mother's screaming awakened him. When he arrived, he found that his mother had been murdered and was writhing in pain on the ground. Thabang told him he was responsible for the death of their mother. Thabo reported that he witnessed his twin brother kneeling next to their mother's wound and swallowing the blood that was flowing from it. Blood had stained his clothing. He was also covered in blood. He neither moved nor displayed any trace of remorse.

Sello believed Thabang had a mental condition.

"I believe that he is little deranged. He was born similar to other children. He began to act differently as he grew older. We worry for him. The situation is hopeless. Even if he murdered his mother, he is still our kid, and we cannot simply dispose of him. We want right. He needs to get in trouble. The court will determine whether or not he can stand trial. "If the judge grants bail, we will not accept him back," added Sello.

Naomi, on the other hand, felt conflicting emotions. She stated that they adored Thabang, but that they want Mosoane to receive what's coming to him. What transpired shook the entire region to its core. We worry for him. Also terrified of Thabang was Thabo. They cannot live together despite being identical twins. We want to tell Thabang what he did wrong, but we are afraid of him. We can't decide. Our son murdered his mother, and we are ashamed. Two persons have been missing, and one of them passed away. One is now incarcerated. We are suffering. One of our children is Thabang. We simply cannot abandon him. Naomi stated, "He is a family member." Mosoane's burial took place on Sunday. Thabang was slated to return to court on Monday.

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