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Important announcements from SASSA

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) released important notifications for the members of the public.

The first one was in regard to the Grant payment dates for the month of October.SASSA revealed that there was a mistake made by them in regard to the payment dates and made the corrections as shown below :

The corrections may have been made, but the members of the community do not need to rush to cash out points to withdraw the money as it will always be there.

It can be withdrawn at any time when it has been deposited. The SASSA grant clients need to make great use of the money they receive and turn it into profit-making.

There are banks that provide advice on how businesses or income-generating projects can be started. This can help reduce the dependency on the government for social support.

Another important announcement that was made by the agency was in regard to those who have illegally received Grant payments. There are a number of government officials who are alleged to have already received grant payments while they have sources of income.

The following was an important notification for those who have received the monies illegally before.

It is disheartening how some government officials can be selfish and greedy to an extent of stealing from the poor . Government officials should not be benefitting from the SASSA payments as it is meant to assist only the poor.

This may look like a petty issue, but it is a big deal. Such government officials need to be suspended for stealing from the government.

They are well aware that taking something illegally is stealing. They stole the money which is supposed to be assisting the poor. Suspensions need to be effected on such people than only redeem the money.

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