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Opinion:How South African has become an epicenter of hijacking

Not a single day pass by without reading a post about a stolen car.

Cars are being stolen day and night, imagine losing a valuable thing which might happen you're still paying for. These cars are stolen at the places where everyone think it's safe.

And the car trackers fail to recover these cars before they're stripped, but this shows that South Africa is no longer safe and the government is not doing anything to put a stop in this. This has aslo merged into small towns, we only knew that car hijacking only happened in big cities.

Some do recover their cars and some don't. Imagine having a debt of something that you no longer own, because of criminals and negligence of the government.

South Africans are on their own in fighting crime and making their country a better place to live in.

Any suggestions on how to stop car theft besides car tracker? Please comment below, like, share and follow for more updates. 

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