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Million Rand Jewellery Heist Caught On Camera, Suspects Were Wearing Dresses

The video footage shows an incident where the suspects had pulled off a robbery at a business premises where they were allegedly shopping, the suspects entered the premises pretending to be Arab and Muslim gentleman who were walking in the shopping complex.

This was before the suspects descended on the staff of the shop and puled out their pistols to try to contain the situation, the other customers who were inside the shop saw the opportunity to run for their lives as the suspects were pulling their pistols.

The 20 suspects who descended into the jewellery store held the staff hostage and proceeded to break the glass casings for the luxury watches and jewellery, the customers who were inside the store to conduct the robbery helped themselves by running away.

The perpetrators of this crime carried out a dangerous robbery, hey got away with millions of Rands in loot. The police were called to the scene in order to do the necessary investigations and look into the robbery that was being perpetrated by the suspects, fortunately enough none of the victims were badly wounded and the fortunate thing about the whole incident is only that they survived.

The suspects had committed a serious robbery in broad daylight without any fear of the police or the mall security, it has become very apparent that suspects are taking advantage of the relaxed laws of the country which see to it that criminals are also treated with the same rights as ordinary hardworking citizens.

Criminals have been terrorizing businesspeople as well as ordinary citizens who happen to be walking on the street, we can never predict when criminals will strike and South Africa is a place where there is no place where you can lower your guard against thieves because they are everywhere.

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