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Major Bhekizulu I did not kill Namhla someone is framing me

Major Bhekizulu I didn't kill Namhla someone is framing me.

Sanga Nozintaba who is the twin sister of late Singwa Namhla Mtwa took to social media and asked for justice for her sister's death, she claimed that Bhekizulu killed her sister. She posted WhatsApp chats of her sister telling her that she is tired of the abusive relationship with Major Mfesane Bhekizulu.

Major Bhekizulu( age 41 years) was taken into custody by State police after the screenshots that Sanga Nozintaba posted on her social media platforms.

Bhekizulu Mfesane claims that he didn't kill Namhla by telling Sanga Nozintaba on WhatsApp chats.

"Why did you kill my sister? I even called you but you don't answer my calls " asked Sanga Nozintaba on a WhatsApp text.

"I didn't kill your sister and I was out of data bundles am sorry" answered Major Mfesane Bhekizulu.

Bhekizulu Mfesane was once investigated for the murder of Mxolisi Mthunjwa who worked for him at Major Tents. Mxolisi Mthunjwa was shot and killed in 2018. 

The South African government and the SAPS department have been under constant pressure since the release of screenshots and photos of Single Namhla with bruises all over her body when she was still alive.

On 21 April 2022 Single Namhla Mtwa ( age 35) had been shot nine times on her way back home. She was declared dead on the scene by the Mtata emergence team.

Namhla's sister took the situation to social media after her sister was buried a month ago, Major Mfesane Bhekizulu is the prime suspect for Namhla's death.

Bhekizulu Mfesane claims him not the one who should be under investigation.

"I did not kill my lover and you are investigating the wrong person," said Bhekizulu to news24. 

Eastern Cape provincial police commissioner Lt-Gen Nomthetheleli Lilian Mene is given a task by the African National Congress to set up a task team regarding Namhla's death.

The African National Congress ( ANC) in the Eastern Cape has urged police to put an action plan to arrest the person who killed her after information was released on social media on Friday, 20 May.

police commissioner Lt-Gen Nomthetheleli Lilian Mene instructed a senior manager to bring the full might of the law down on the suspect so that justice can be served. 


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